Hand Threading

Give a firm hand shake assured unsightly hand hair wont make a first impression. Unwanted hand and knuckle hair can easily and quickly be removed by our experienced practioners. Hand threading removes unsightly hair found on and below the wrist and includes all knuckles. Schedule an appointment today for only $10.00!

Feet Threading

We live in a city where appearance is everything. Feet threading can be performed on both men an women. Sunny southern California provides the opportunity to wear open-toe-shoes and comfy flip-flops often. Feet threading beings at the ankle and includes all areas of the foot and toes.

Feet threading relieves both men and women of undesired foot hair. Since the hair is removed at the follicle level your feet will be smooth and hairless for a significant amount of time. Schedule an appointment today for only $10.00 and proudly wear your favorite open-toe-shoes!

***Feet threading is performed in a private room.***

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Prime Brows Threading Salon is located in the City of West Hollywood.